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PLAY AT THE NET: TOUCHING THE NET: A ball that touches or rebounds off the net or net hardware may be played again provided it was not on the serve.  If the ball is hit three (3) times by a team but does not cross the net, the referee shall wait until a fourth contact is made or the ball hits the ground before stopping play.

BALL CROSSING THE NET: A ball that crosses over the net entirely is considered good.

PART OF THE BALL CONTACTING AND CROSSING NET: If only part of the ball crosses the net and is subsequently hit by an opponent, the ball is considered as having crossed the net.

PLAYER CONTACT WITH THE NET: A player or any part of his body or uniform that touches the net while the ball is in play shall be charged with a fault, unless, the ball is driven into the net with such force that it causes the net to touch a player.

REACHING OVER THE NET: In returning the ball, a player may follow-through over the net provided he first makes contact with the ball on his side of the playing court.  Players attempting a block may reach across the net, but shall not contact the ball until an opponent strikes the ball in an attempt to send it back into the opponent’s count.  A player cannot block an opponent’s set.  If an opponent’s set crosses the vertical plane of the net, it is considered a free ball and both teams are entitled to it.

RECOVERING THE BALL FROM NET: A ball may be recovered and played from the net..

CROSSING THE CENTER LINE: A player may not cross over the center line at any time.  A player may step on, but cannot go over the center line.  If a player lands on the center line and intentionally interferes with an opponent, the referee shall declare a side-out or loss of service, depending on which team committed the fault

SIMULTANEOUS CONTACT BY OPPONENTS: A double fault will be called and the point replayed when opposing players contact the net simultaneously.

BALL CROSSING THE VERTICAL PLANE OH THE NET: A ball that crosses beneath the vertical plane of the net may be played or returned by the attacking team player provided he does not interfere with an opponent.

BALL DIRECTLY ABOVE THE VERTICAL PLANE OH THE NET: A ball directly above the vertical plane of the net may be played by either team.

THE BALL PASSING THROUGH THE NET OPENING: Since some nets may not extend the full width of the court, any ball passing through the net opening on the first or second hit of a volley will be replayed.  A ball passing through the net opening on the third hit or serve will be a side-out or point.

DEAD BALL: Any of the following committed during the service shall count as a fault:
a) The ball hits the floor.
b)  The ball hits two (2) or more walls consecutively on the receiving team’s side.
c)  The ball hits the ceiling on the opponent’s side.
d)  The ball hits the back wall on the fly on the receiving team’s side
e)  The ball is hit out of the court and into the viewing gallery
f)  A served ball hits the net.
g)  The referee sounds the whistle.
h)  A player commits a fault.

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